Enriched Air Nitrox Instructor
Class II B

After ten years in the metallurgical industry, as Safety Engineer and then Planning Manager, I decided to combine my passions, scubadiving and nature, with work.

Since a long time, I am attracted by these two domains. First with fins, a mask and a snorkel, to discover the Breton seabed, then with the scubadiving gear when I was 14 years old. Since then, I have never stopped. When I was a kid, I wanted to work with J-Y Cousteau, as much as it goes back a long time!

I made my way in the world of scubadiving and I became Federal Instructor in 2012. In 2018, I decided to do my jump in the professional field of scubadiving by completing the scubadiving Instructor Program, then by completing the Deep Diving and Instructor Trainer Programs.

More than a sport or a leisure, diving allows to live sensations that no other discipline offers.

Weightlessness. Who has never dreamt in front of the television to do like astronauts in the space station ? You do not weigh anything more. A new form of freedom is offered to you. You are like in a cocoon that makes you zen, relaxed…A wellness feeling you would not have expected!

With experience you will be able to become one with this environment that is not ours. You will develop qualities such as observationcohesion. Indeed, we always dive with another buddy. Being able to count on the other is essential.

Diving is a discipline that combines knowledge, behaviour skills and technical skills. You will learn a little more about yourself!

The vehicule


Faithful traveling companion, this comfortable Ford Transit will take you to the four corners of France to visit superb dive sites in fresh water and at sea.

It can accommodate two to three passengers in order to limit the ecological impact when traveling by promoting carsharing carpooling.

He will also be responsible for carrying diving equipment, taking care of you when dressing and undressing thanks to his seat at the back, but also thanks to the tinted windows for your privacy and heating or air conditioning. according to the season!

Diving Equipment

The diving equipment used in Néréides Plongée diving center is mainly MARES equipment. It is composed of :
14 steel tanks inflated with air including 3 10L tanks, 8 12L tanks, 3 15L tanks
– 1 nitrox aluminum tank “11L” equipped with its regulator and pressure gauge (oxyclean).
14 buoyancy control devices (XXS to XXL)
10 regulators
– 22 5 and 7mm wetsuits (8 year old to XXXL)
– 14 pairs of boots and gloves
– 27 pairs of adjustable foot fins
– 22 masks and snorkels
– Weight belts and weights …
– Computers, compasses
– Lamps
– Surface Parker broyeur

matériel de plongée
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